Combine Sampo
Years 1974-19791974-1979
Engine Valmet Valmet
Engine Model 411 BL 411 BL
Displacement (cm2) 4180 4180
Cylinders (Turbo) 4 4
Power (BHP) 82 82
Alternative Power (BHP)    
Fuel Tank (l) 140140
Transmission Type mechmech
Gears 33
Speed (km/h) 1,5-231,5-23
Header Width (cm) 290335
Alternative Headers   
Cutting Speed (Strokes/min.)
Cutting Table Lenght (cm) 4545
Type of Cutting Platform Floating springspring
Reel Diameter (cm) 9090
Reel RPM
Reel Forward-Backward Adjustment mech InCabmech InCab
Reel Speed Adjustment mech InCabmech InCab
Threshing Cylinder Diameter (mm) 550550
Second Threshing Cylinder Diameter (mm) 00
Threshing Cylinder Width (mm) 10501050
Threshing Cylinder Speed Adjustment fromCabfromCab
Threshing Cylinder RPM 0-00-0
Straw Walkers/Rotors 44
Straw Walkers Lenght (cm) 332332
Straw Walkers Area (m2) 352352
Straw Shieve (m2) 101101
Bottom Shieve (m2) 9999
Bottom Shieve Type changeablechangeable
Total Screening Area (m2) 200200
Grain Tank (l) 22002200
Unloading Speed (l/s)
Unloading Height (cm)   
Dimensions: Lenght (cm) 740740
Width (w/ Header) (cm) 320370
Height (w/o Cabin) (cm) 00
Weight (w/o Cabin(no header)) (kg)   
Front Tyres 16,9-2616,9-26
Rear Tyres 10-1210-12
Alternative Front Tyres   
Alternative Rear Tyres   
Brakes Type hydro rumpuhydro rumpu
Air Conditioning   
Grain Loss Indicator   
Floating Cuting Platform   
Automatic Control of Cutting Height   
Slope Leveling   
Cutting Platform Lateral Tilt   
Made In
[X - Standart equipment] [O - Optional] [- - Not available] [Empty - Unknown or not available] Sampo, 400, en
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