Combine Case IH
Axial-Flow 5088
Case IH
Axial-Flow 6088
Case IH
Axial-Flow 7088
Years 2008-20112008-20112008-2011
Engine Cummins Cummins Cummins
Engine Model 6TAA-8304 6TAA-8304  
Displacement (cm2) 8300 8300 9000
Cylinders (Turbo) 6TI 6TI 6TI
Power (BHP) 279(294) ISO 309(335) ISO 345(366) ISO
Alternative Power (BHP)      
Fuel Tank (l) 950950950
Transmission Type hydrohydrohydro
Gears 333
Speed (km/h) 0-250-250-25
Header Width (cm) 609609732
Alternative Headers 518518-732518-915
Cutting Speed (Strokes/min.)
Cutting Table Lenght (cm) 454545
Type of Cutting Platform Floating autom.autom.autom.
Reel Diameter (cm) 107107107
Reel RPM
Reel Forward-Backward Adjustment hydro InCabhydro InCabhydro InCab
Reel Speed Adjustment hydro InCabhydro InCabhydro InCab
Threshing Cylinder Diameter (mm) 760760760
Second Threshing Cylinder Diameter (mm) 000
Threshing Cylinder Width (mm) 279027902790
Threshing Cylinder Speed Adjustment hydro InCabhydro InCabhydro InCab
Threshing Cylinder RPM 0-00-00-0
Straw Walkers/Rotors 1 cylinder1 cylinder1 cylinder
Straw Walkers Lenght (cm)    
Straw Walkers Area (m2)    
Straw Shieve (m2) 268268268
Bottom Shieve (m2) 233233233
Bottom Shieve Type adjustableadjustableadjustable
Total Screening Area (m2) 548548548
Grain Tank (l) 88001050010500
Unloading Speed (l/s)
Unloading Height (cm)    
Dimensions: Lenght (cm) 769+header769+header769+header
Width (w/ Header) (cm) 654654760
Height (w/o Cabin) (cm) 390039003900
Weight (w/o Cabin(no header)) (kg) 165001650017000
Front Tyres 900/65R32900/65R32900/65R32
Rear Tyres 600/65R28600/65R28600/65R28
Alternative Front Tyres 800/65R32800/65R32800/65R32
Alternative Rear Tyres 460/70R24460/70R24460/70R24
Brakes Type diskdiskdisk
Reverser XXX
Heating XXX
Air Conditioning XXX
Grain Loss Indicator XXX
Floating Cuting Platform XXX
Automatic Control of Cutting Height XXX
Slope Leveling    
Cutting Platform Lateral Tilt XXX
Made In
[X - Standart equipment] [O - Optional] [- - Not available] [Empty - Unknown or not available] Case IH, Axial-Flow 1088, en
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